10pcs Bandage Clips Elastic Body Wrap Clip Metal Clasps E0F3

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Description --> Description Made from high-quality aluminum and stretch fabric, our elastic bandage clips are easier to wrap and have rust and water resistance.
No latex can prevent allergies.
The clip has a hook that locks any type of bandage so that the bandage can securely wrap the injured area.
The stretch fabric is easy to adjust and provides strong support and compression for sprains and strains.
The bandage clip remains elastic after washing.
Suitable for any elastic cotton crepe bandage wrap, such as elastic bandages, compression bandages, crepe bandages, and even pet bandages.
The rubber band buckle is made by hand.
The middle side of the aluminum is the elastic band in the middle of the buckle.
The buckle bandage is very docile.
Even if it is buckled on a thin bandage, it will not feel stinging.
Material: Aluminum Color: White, brown Buckle thickness: 0.
3mm Size: About 32*16mm We strive to provide you with satisfactory after-sales service.
Customer first, quality and reputation are our top priorities.
We hope to cooperate with you for a long time because it is of high quality, we believe very much, thank you Package includes: 10 * Bandage

10pcs     Bandage     Clips     Elastic     Body     Wrap     Clip     Metal     Clasps     E0F3     

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