Car Scratch Remover Polish Cloth Light Paint Scuffs Repair

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Description --> Product Features: Adopt advanced nanotechnology: Car scratch remover using safe formula with nano-technology And comes , won't mess up car paint.
It is no pungent odor, no poison, no corrosion.
Nano cleaning cloth for car scratches.
Exellent Materialcar paint scratch remover contains abrasives, polishes, lubricants and minerals,effectively remove car's scratches and stains, restore car color and protect paint surfaces.
Multiple Repair Functions nanomagic cloth scratch remover Perfect removal function for removing fingernail scratches, stickers residual glue, oxide layer rust, asphalt compound, etc.
Reusable Nano Car Wipe: Clean up and dry the of dirty area; Wear the gloves; Wipe back and forth the scratches and dirt with the scratch remover cloth.
Replace the sealed bag after use, which could be used for about 10-15 times.
pay attentionscratch remover for car cloth do not wash with water before or after use, Ensure that the repair site is dry and clean, If the mark-removing cloth falls off the ground and is covered with dust or sand, please do not use it again.
Material: Nano polyester fiber Size:20x20cm,20x10cm,10x10cm Application: common to all cars Repairable scratches Nail scratches of door handles Scratch is deep but not wide Lacquer hurt with slight scratches Scraped with other vehicles paint Slight scratches Moderate blushing scratches Matt caused by touch-up painting Moderate scratches Sand scratches Unrepairable scratches Expose primer Expose black plastic Expose big area of primer Obvious cratering when hand touching Peeling to the bottom ash Deep scratches Warm Tips: Cloth will comes black due to the power of oxidation, dirt and stains but it does not reduce the polishing power.
Please test the compatibility on a small hidden area for the first use.
Repair cloth is NOT allowed to be washed before use, to ensure that the repair field has been dry.
If inadvertently fell down to the sand ground, do not use to avoid secondary damage to the car.
There is the car repair material on of the cloth, hand contact is harmless to humans, but is it recommended to wear gloves for use.
Package Included: 1pcs

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