Plaster For Muscle Pain Relief Shoulder Back Ache Relief Plaster Neobun 10 Sheet

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Description : - Neobun is medicated plaster, backed by fabric, coated with medicated adhesive mass, with 4 kinds of herbal ingredients.
- Deliver the quick-permeating, long-lasting and anti-inflammatory for relief of muscle sprains such as at back, shoulder,neck, arm, knee or joint pains.
- Easy to use, not sticky at hand like other analgesic cream or gel.
- Give warm feeling to affected area, not too hot like other analgesic.
Condition : NewNet weight : 15 gramsQuantity : 1 sachet (10 sheets per sachet)Ingredients : Methyl Salicylate 6 % Ethyleneglycol Monosalicylate 2 % Menthol 5.
2 % Camphor 3.
2 % Zinc oxide 22 % Caoutchouc 20 % resin 38 % Wool fat 2% Borneol 0.
72% Thymol 0.
35 % Peppermint oil 0.
36% Clove oil 0.
12 % Oreoresin capsicum 0.
05 % Indication : - Suitable for those who has muscle pain, joint pain, swelling, bruises.
- Elderly people, Office syndrome, Workers, sporter Shopper, Pregnant, who often suffer from stiffness, tightness, muscles joints aches and pains associated with arthritis, sprains, strains, bruises and simple backache.
Dosage & Administration : - Each plaster is attached to a white backing paper.
- Apply the plaster after peeling off the backing paper - After apply, it will penetrates into skin and give a warming-cooling effect.
- Apply 2-3 times daily Caution : 1 Should not be used for those who are - Hypersensitivity to the active substances and /or other ingredients in the formulation.
- Hypersensitivity to natural rubber 2 Should not be applied to broken skin (wounds), around the eye, mucous membranes.
3 In case of rash or skin irritation, discontinue and consult physician.
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Plaster     For     Muscle     Pain     Relief     Shoulder     Back     Ache     Relief     Plaster     Neobun     Sheet     

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