Sealant Fix Pro Glass Glue Strong Adhesive Metal Glue Sealant Proof Y9A5

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Description --> Description: 100% Brand New and High quality.
Curing time: 12-48h Curing temperature: room temperature Specifications: 6 g, 12 g, 18 g, 48 g Can be used on dry or wet surfaces, even underwater.
Powerful instant grip adhesive, like a powerful magnet, locks in place and stays super tight.
Mildew resistant for a variety of sealing applications It is an easy-to-use, super strong, rubberized waterproof glue that instantly bonds, seals and repairs almost everything! This adhesive's instant grip technology holds objects in place and, in most cases, no struts are required.
It can cure in 12-48 hours and reach maximum strength in 5 days.
No screws or nails needed, perfect for all types of repairs! This tough waterproof glue is suitable for heavier materials.
Easy distribution methods make large jobs easier.
Water resistance and weather resistance, with excellent sealing performance.
Package include: 1*Fast-drying nail-free

Sealant     Fix     Pro     Glass     Glue     Strong     Adhesive     Metal     Glue     Sealant     Proof     Y9A5     

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